How to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter Depression…

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Feeling out of sorts affects everything we do in our day. And when that feeling persists day after day, what began as a “bad day” turns swiftly into a consistent sadness or even depression. In the winter time, this sort of mental state is very common, and it is often comforting to learn that not only do many others find themselves in the same predicament, but also scientific evidence exists to support the phenomenon of the winter blues. There are several reliable, proven tips to help overcome the frustration of winter depression.

Below are some tips:

  • Diet plays a key role in the body’s ability to handle the strains of winter.
    • Eating root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and beets meet the craving for sugar by satiating and nourishing what the body is actually seeking.
    • Good fats found in SAM-e via supplements or omega-3s via oily fish will often feed the brain sufficiently to meet the deficiencies, bringing measurable change.
    • Vitamin D is difficult to come by nutritionally, as its main source of supply is our glorious sun, but supplements are definitely still helpful. Try, instead, to get in a daily, brisk walk in direct sunlight, as often as possible.
    • Avoid sugar by avoiding desserts, processed or refined foods, and remembering how consuming sugar ends up making you feel.
    • B-12 vitamin drops on your tongue will invigorate and energize you.
  • Exercise is not just about losing or maintaining weight. Exercise is a powerful tool for our bodies, producing endorphins, boosting metabolism, and providing extended doses of energy.
  • Sleep is a regulator and recharger. In order for sleep to work its magic, however, you must be getting at least seven hours of it in a consistent fashion. To feel refreshed, it’s best if you stick to a routine as much as possible. Try to find what best helps you unwind and prepare for a solid night of good sleep.
  • In the morning, make your bed! Intentional, small steps such as making your bed make a surprising difference in how you feel about yourself.
  • Get dressed a little fancier than you necessarily need to for your day. Pick your best office outfit, best shoes, and go about your day with some purpose in your step!
  • Reach out for help! So many encouraging, reputable avenues of help exist for those struggling with the winter blues. Perhaps a visit to an energy healer, holistic health coach, acupuncturist, or massage therapist will show you a new possibility or coping through the season. Massages and energy healing lower cortisol, the stress hormone, while raising serotonin, the neurotransmitter also known as “the happiness hormone”. Check out my Reiki, Chakra balancing and Meridian healing sessions.
  • Keep your friends and family close. Try to stay involved in their lives and social activities. Part of the winter blues is feeling like you want to stay home, but if you force yourself to get out, you will typically find yourself having a good time.
  • Happy music is also a powerful tool for those who find themselves affected, so try putting on some light-hearted tunes and maybe even dancing along with them! Classical music is scientifically proven to reduce depression as well, and adding some Beethoven into the background of your day is usually as easy as opening Pandora or finding your local public radio station.

Many simple ways to enhance your mood during the winter months exist, along with just as many larger changes to your lifestyle to further lift your spirits. Start with the ones that most appeal to you and add to them as you find yourself with more energy and more happiness! Soon, you’ll be looking forward to the warmer months rather than barely surviving the cold ones. Stay warm!