Roxie H.

Testimonials on 26 Feb , 2015

“Marina is an amazing coach! I always thought I was just looking to shed unwanted weight and find some balance in my life…Marina helped me to discover what was really bothering me and then through her amazing way of always being loving and gentle, she helped to guide me through the work…Years ago I had tried traditional therapy but that left me feeling ashamed and unsettled. In traditional therapy, I felt like I was being judged. In working with Marina, I felt her love, encouragement and support. I never ever felt judged. She never pushed me to explore areas that were painful but encouraged me to work at a pace that felt right for me. She helped me work through my fears and issues that I kept with me from childhood. I felt for years I carried a backpack of fear, shame & pain. Marina helped me unload that backpack. She taught me to love and cherish myself… I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to work with Marina.. THANK YOU MARINA!!!!”