Judy Boksner

Testimonials on 25 Apr , 2017

“My name is Judy Boksner and it brings me so much pleasure to write on behalf of Marina Shevel who has been my nutritionist and integrative health coach for the past few years. She is one of the most caring and supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

I have had food issues my entire life. As a child my nick- name was skinny bones. I could eat anything and everything and still be as skinny as a stick. As the years went by and I had children of my own, I never truly enjoyed food and became more of just a snacker that craved sweets. My body also changed and I went from being super skinny to being a mid sized woman. It became difficult to accept the changes in my body. I was literally addicted to apple strudel and Diet Coke. I never thought in my life that I would give up these things. Well I have.

The changes that I have made this year have been dynamic. I now drink only  water and seltzer. I no longer look at a Diet Coke and yearn for it like I did in the past. I haven’t had an apple strudel in over 6 months. Bread was my biggest craving in life and now I don’t eat it.

I’m not going to lie some days are harder than others and some days I eat more gluten free cookies than I should, but overall I’m moving in a better direction and feel happier about the choices I am making.My body finally has learned to crave foods that are healthier for me. I now enjoy things such as pecans, kale, and Brussels sprouts. It’s purely amazing.

Marina helps you make changes in your life slowly and gradually. She accepts that each person is different and unique and always gives you options. She clearly understands that changes will only take place if a person is comfortable doing something.
What I also truly liked, is that she works together with your doctor. She encouraged me to get blood work done by my physician to see if I had any nutritional deficiencies, etc. I am a bit scared of doctors but she was supportive and encouraging and got me to take this important step.
Marina delves deep into the emotional connection to health and well being. She has helped me accept my imperfections and realize they are what make me unique and special.
Lastly, Marina has helped me improve my sleep. I have struggled with sleep issues for over 20 years. I have finally with her guidance and support found naturally remedies. I have been off of nasal steroids and medications for over two years now.
Marina is purely a wonderful human. She will hold your hand in the initial stages and really get to know you. She will gradually release the level of support as needed and help you continue  your journey. She’s always available on good  days and bad to reach out via text message. If I’m having a really bad day she’s there to cheer me on and remind me how far I’ve come. She’ll also reach out often on her own with wonderful research based articles or words from the heart to check on progress and continue to provide support.
Her professionalism and passion is unparalleled in the industry. I can’t recommend her enough. It will be a worthwhile investment.”