Irina B

Testimonials on 21 Dec , 2017
“In February 2015, after I hade all my blood work done and other tests, I came to see my physician. I was sure that I had nothing to worry about. I exercise everyday, eat very healthy, don’t smoke, and don’t drink. But, she told me that my thyroid wasn’t functioning properly and my sugar level was higher then normal. I always watch my sugar, because both of my parents were diabetics. So, it was shocking to me to hear that. Because I didn’t want to take any medications and preferred to try different approaches first, my doctor told me about Marina and her lectures regarding thyroids, diabetes, etc.
After my first appointment with Marina I knew that I was in good hands. Her knowledge, her ability to listen and understand, her approach made me believe that everything was going to be great! Three months later my thyroid got back to normal, my sugar level dropped and it never went back up since. I changed my food preferences, in my opinion, for the best. So far I feel good.
I have sent a lot of my friends to see Marina with different problems and questions, and all of them called me back to thank me. So, I just want to wish Marina the best of health and many more successful years in life of helping people!”