Meridian Balancing

Meridian Balancing

250px-Yin_and_YangThe energy system of our body is comprised of meridians and chakras. The Meridian system is a series of pathways running from the feet to the head, and from the head to the hands transporting Ki (Qi or Chi) Life Energy.

Stress in all forms blocks the flow of energy. This state of imbalance is the root cause of many physical ailments that could have been avoided if the body was given the chance to revert to self-healing.

This Meridian Balancing session is based on traditional principles like acupressure. It also incorporates different healing methods including Hwal-Gong (massage), to rehabilitate balanced energy circulation.


  • Improved blood and energy circulation
  • Reduced stress, neck /shoulder tension, back pain
  • Improved function of internal organs
  • Activation and cleansing of the Meridian System
  • Inner peace and emotional balance
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Increased¬†personal power
  • Deep self-healing